Vintage pop music !


… That's what we call it.


When a song remains strong when only played on guitar and vocals, you know you have a good one. And don't forget the bass, because that's what you get when you hear REY.


Formed in 2017 by An Cornillie (vocals), Bart Barbier (guitar / vocals) and Erik Geeraerts (bass), REY writes and performs original songs and carries on the heritage of the great singer / songwriter tradition.


Acoustic / electric pop music, based on a solid foundation seasoned with hints of blues, rock, vintage soul and folk music


Live you can expext nothing less than a solid performance of musical craftsmanship and entertainment.


Fast forward to march 31, 2018 they went 'public' with the launch of their version of the great Bruce Springsteen song 'I'm on Fire'. During that year Rey performed on different stages and festivals


Beginning of 2019 they were semi-finalist in the Joe FM contest 'Sterren op de Werkvloer', but due to different personal reasons the band had to take a break for the remaining of the year.

Beginning of 2020 REY announced their return, On march, 20 they released the double single 'Ray of Light' / 'Choices'

Due to the worldwide pandemic there was not a lot of action possible in 2020/2021, but due to a huge effort of our team in Brugge, we had the opporunity to play in cc De Dijk, which was simply amazing.

Beginning 2022, Rey was selected as finalist in the KIKH Music Ralley. Judged on song - and lyric writing and performance.

Plans for 2022 are the recording and release of our first complete album

EPK on reverbnation :

Technical Rider

Who we are

An Cornillie


Bart Barbier

Guitars - Vocals

Erik Geeraerts

Bass Guitar

Ydwer De Nef